Below, you will find a list of instruments with which we have tested and successfully communicated. Most instruments share common functionality; so even though your instrument might not be listed, just choose the model that most closely resembles your instrument.

Our field products use a smart driver that will query the instrument to see what commands it supports. Because of this, you will see that in the model section we don't list every instrument built by the manufacturer.

Brand/Mfg. Model/Series (OS) Support Status Notes/Installation
Allen OsborneRascalNot Supported
Ashtech / ThalesPM 500SupportedView Notes
Ashtech / ThalesPM 500SupportedView Notes
Ashtech / ThalesThales MobileMapper (CE.NET 4.2)RetiredView Notes
Ashtech / ThalesZ-ExtremeRetiredView Notes
Ashtech / ThalesZ-FXRetiredView Notes
Ashtech / ThalesZ-MaxRetiredView Notes
Ashtech / ThalesZ-SurveyorRetiredView Notes
CHCX900 SupportedView Notes
CHCX91 SupportedView Notes
FOIFA20SupportedView Notes
FOIFA20 SupportedView Notes
FOIFA30SupportedView Notes
GENEQSXBlue II SupportedView Notes
GENEQSXBlue IIISupportedView Notes
GeoMaxZenith 10/20SupportedView Notes
GeoMaxZenith 25 / 25 ProSupportedView Notes
GeoMaxZenith 35SupportedView Notes
Hi-TargetV90 PlusSupportedView Notes
HorizonKronos 200Supported
HorizonKronos 300Supported
HorizonKronos 500Supported
HorizonKronos C3Supported
JavadTriumph 1Not MaintainedView Notes
KolidaK5 PLUSSupported
KolidaK9TSupportedView Notes
KQ GEOM8Supported
Leica1200SupportedView Notes
LeicaGS08Not SupportedView Notes
LeicaGS12Not Supported
LeicaGS14SupportedView Notes
LeicaGS15/GS10SupportedView Notes
LeicaiCON gps 60SupportedView Notes
NavCom3040SupportedView Notes
NavCom3050SupportedView Notes
NovAtelOEM5Not Supported
NovAtelProPak LBSupported
PentaxG3100-R1SupportedView Notes
PentaxG3100-R2SupportedView Notes
PentaxSMT888-3G Rev1-3SupportedView Notes
PrexisoG4/G5SupportedView Notes
RuideNova R6Supported
SandingNova R6Supported
SeptentrioAltus APS-3SupportedView Notes
SeptentrioAltus APS-3SupportedView Notes
SeptentrioAltus NR2Supported
SokkiaGRX-1Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaGRX-1 Base/RoverNot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaGSR 2200Not Supported
SokkiaGSR 2600 Base/RoverRetiredView Notes
SokkiaGSR2700ISX Base/RoverRetiredView Notes
SokkiaGSR2700ISX NTRIP/NetworkRetiredView Notes
SokkiaPoint SMART 6100 ISNot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaRadianRetiredView Notes
SokkiaRadian ISNot MaintainedView Notes
SouthGalaxy G1Supported
SouthGalaxy G6Supported
SouthS82SupportedView Notes
SouthS82-2013SupportedView Notes
SouthS82NSupportedView Notes
SouthS82VSupportedView Notes
SouthS86TSupportedView Notes
Spectra PrecisionSP80Supported
StonexS9/S9III PlusSupported
StonexS10SupportedView Notes
TopconDX1Not Supported
TopconGB500Not Supported
TopconGR-3Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGR-5RetiredView Notes
TopconHiPerNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconHiPer 2Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconHiPer GaNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconHiPer GbNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconHiPer VRetiredView Notes
TopconHiPer Lite PlusNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconLegacyNot Maintained
TopconOdysseyNot Maintained
Trimble4700Not Supported
Trimble4800Not Supported
Trimble5700RetiredView Notes
Trimble5800RetiredView Notes
TrimbleGeoXTSupportedView Notes
TrimbleR4Not SupportedView Notes
TrimbleR6Not SupportedView Notes
TrimbleR7RetiredView Notes
TrimbleR8RetiredView Notes
TrimbleTrimble GeoXT (PocketPC)RetiredView Notes
Brand/Mfg. Model/Series (OS) Support Status Notes/Installation
BAPS850SupportedView Notes
CarlsonExplorer 600 (Windows CE.NET 5)RetiredView Notes
CarlsonExplorer (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
CarlsonSupervisor (Windows 7)SupportedView Notes
CarlsonSurveyor 2Supported
CarlsonRT3 Tablet (Windows 10)SupportedView Notes
CHCLT500HSupportedView Notes
CHCLT500TSupportedView Notes
CompaqiPAQ (PocketPC)RetiredView Notes
DAPMicroFlex CE5240 (Windows CE)RetiredView Notes
DT ResearchDT391GS - TrimbleSupportedView Notes
DT ResearchDT391GS - HemishpereSupportedView Notes
DT ResearchDT395GS - u-blox NEOSupportedView Notes
FlintF4SupportedView Notes
GeoMaxZenith 04Supported
GeoMaxZOOM 80 CRetiredView Notes
GetacPS236 (Windows Mobile 6)Supported
GetacPS336 (Windows Mobile 6)Supported
GetacT800 (Windows 8.1)SupportedView Notes
HandheldAlgiz 10 Tablet (Windows 7)SupportedView Notes
HandheldAlgiz 7 Tablet (Windows 7)SupportedView Notes
HandheldNautiz X7 (Windows Mobile 6)SupportedView Notes
HandheldNautiz X8 (Windows Mobile 6)Supported - See NotesView Notes
Hi-TargetQstar 6 (Windows Mobile 6)Supported
Hi-TargetQstar 8 (Windows Mobile 6)Supported
HPiPAQ (Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE)RetiredView Notes
HPiPAQ (Windows Mobile 6.1+)SupportedView Notes
ItronixFS4 (Windows CE 3)RetiredView Notes
Juniper SystemsAllegro CE (Windows CE 3)RetiredView Notes
Juniper SystemsAllegro CE.NET (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
Juniper SystemsAllegro CX Colour (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
Juniper SystemsAllegro CX Monochrome (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
Juniper SystemsAllegro MX with Radio Add-on (Windows Mobile 6)SupportedView Notes
Juniper SystemsAllegro MX (Windows Mobile 6)SupportedView Notes
Juniper SystemsArcher 2 (Windows Mobile 6.1 or Newer)SupportedView Notes
Juniper SystemsArcher (Windows Mobile 5)RetiredView Notes
Juniper SystemsArcher (Windows Mobile 6)SupportedView Notes
Juniper SystemsMesa Tablet (Windows Mobile 6.5)SupportedView Notes
Juniper SystemsMesa 2 Tablet (Windows 10)SupportedView Notes
KQ GEOK8SupportedView Notes
LeicaCS10/CS15 (Windows CE.NET 6)SupportedView Notes
LeicaCS12Not Supported
LeicaCS20 (Windows EC7)SupportedView Notes
LeicaCS25 (Windows 7)SupportedView Notes
LeicaCS35 (Windows 8.1 Pro)SupportedView Notes
LeicaiCON CC55Supported
LeicaiCON CC61Supported
LeicaiCON CC65Supported
LeicaiCON CC66Supported
LeicaRX1250RetiredView Notes
LeicaZeno 5Supported
M3 MobileM3 BlackSupported
MicroSurveyDC4SupportedView Notes
MicroSurveyDC5SupportedView Notes
MicroSurveyTracker Xtreme (Windows CE.NET 5)RetiredView Notes
MicroSurveyTracker (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
PanasonicToughbook CF-P1 (PocketPC)RetiredView Notes
PanasonicToughbook CF-P1 (Windows CE 3)RetiredView Notes
PanasonicToughpad FZ-G1 (Windows 8.1 Pro)Supported
PanasonicToughpad FZ-M1 (Windows 8.1 Pro)Supported
SokkiaSHC25 (Windows Mobile 6.5)SupportedView Notes
SokkiaSHC250 (Windows Mobile)SupportedView Notes
SokkiaSHC2500 (Windows CE.NET 5)RetiredView Notes
SouthS720SupportedView Notes
SouthS750SupportedView Notes
SouthS760SupportedView Notes
SymbolPDT 2800 (PocketPC)RetiredView Notes
SymbolPDT 8100 (PocketPC)RetiredView Notes
TDSRanger (Windows CE 3)RetiredView Notes
TDSRanger (Windows CE 3)RetiredView Notes
TDSRanger (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
TDSRanger (Windows Mobile 2003SE)RetiredView Notes
TDSRanger (Windows Mobile 5)RetiredView Notes
TDSRecon (PocketPC)RetiredView Notes
TDSRecon (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
TDSRecon (Windows Mobile 5)RetiredView Notes
TDSRecon (Windows Mobile 6)SupportedView Notes
ThalesMobileMapper CE (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
ThalesMobileMapper CX (Windows CE.NET 5)RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-100RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-1000 (Windows CE 3)RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-120 (Windows CE)RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-200 (Windows CE)RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-2000RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-2200 (Windows CE.NET 5)RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-25 (Windows Mobile 6.5)SupportedView Notes
TopconFC-250 (Windows Mobile 6.5)SupportedView Notes
TopconFC-2500 (Windows CE.NET 5)RetiredView Notes
TopconFC-5000 Tablet (Windows 10)SupportedView Notes
TopconGPT-9000 (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
TopconTesla Tablet (Windows Mobile 6.5)SupportedView Notes
TrimbleGeoXT (Windows Mobile 2003)RetiredView Notes
TrimbleTSC3 (Windows Mobile 6.5)SupportedView Notes
TrimbleTSCE (Windows CE.NET 4)RetiredView Notes
WinmateS430T2-C (Windows CE 6.0)SupportedView Notes
Brand/Mfg. Model/Series (OS) Support Status Notes/Installation
FOIFRTS810-Series (Windows CE)SupportedView Notes
FOIFRTS/OTS TS630Supported
Geo-FennelFTD 02SupportedView Notes
Geodimeter400RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter440RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter510RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter510RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter608RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter650RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter5600RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter4400 RobotNot Supported
Geodimeter506 (non-servo)RetiredView Notes
Geodimeter5600 DirectRetiredView Notes
Geodimeter600 RoboticRetiredView Notes
Geodimeter600 ServoRetiredView Notes
GeoMaxZoom 20/30Supported
GeoMaxZoom 35Supported
GeoMaxZoom 80SupportedView Notes
GeoMaxZoom 90Supported
KolidaKTS 440 seriesSupportedView Notes
KolidaKTS 470Supported
Laser TechnologyMapStar TruAngleSupported
Laser TechnologyTruePulse 200X (Laser)Supported
Laser TechnologyTruePulse 360B (Laser)Supported
LeicaDisto A6SupportedView Notes
LeicaiCON Robot 50Supported
LeicaiCON Robot 60Supported
LeicaLeica Builder 400 Series and 500 SeriesSupportedView Notes
LeicaLeica Builder R100M/R200M PowerSupportedView Notes
LeicaMS50SupportedView Notes
LeicaMS60SupportedView Notes
LeicaT1010SupportedView Notes
LeicaTCR 307SupportedView Notes
LeicaTCR 407SupportedView Notes
LeicaTCR 703SupportedView Notes
LeicaTCR 803SupportedView Notes
LeicaTCR 805SupportedView Notes
LeicaTPS 1100SupportedView Notes
LeicaTPS 1200SupportedView Notes
LeicaTPS 1200SupportedView Notes
LeicaTPS 1203SupportedView Notes
LeicaTPS 300 seriesSupportedView Notes
LeicaTPS 700 seriesSupported
LeicaFlexline TS02/TS06/TS09 (plus)SupportedView Notes
LeicaTS12SupportedView Notes
LeicaTS15SupportedView Notes
LeicaTS16SupportedView Notes
LeicaTS30SupportedView Notes
LeicaTS50SupportedView Notes
LeicaTS60SupportedView Notes
LeicaiCON Builder 60Supported
LinertecLGP-200 SeriesSupported
LinertecLGP-300 SeriesSupported
Nikon330SupportedView Notes
NikonC 100SupportedView Notes
NikonDTM 332SupportedView Notes
NikonDTM 720SupportedView Notes
NikonDTM 821SupportedView Notes
NikonDTM 831SupportedView Notes
NikonNIVO 5Supported - See NotesView Notes
NikonNIVO 3SupportedView Notes
NikonNPL 332SupportedView Notes
NikonNPL 352SupportedView Notes
NikonNPL 362SupportedView Notes
Pentax425SupportedView Notes
PentaxPCS 325SupportedView Notes
PentaxR-400NSupportedView Notes
PentaxV-200SupportedView Notes
PentaxW-1500 SeriesSupported
Pentax323SupportedView Notes
RuideRTS 860Supported - See NotesView Notes
SandingSTS 770 Series (WinCE 6.0)Supported
SokkiaSRX Onboard (Windows CE (custom))Not MaintainedView Notes
Sokkia550 RXNot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaCX-105Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaPowerSet SET 4010Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSET 3030R3Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSet 3XNot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSet 5ENot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSet 6FNot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSet 4Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSet530R3Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSRXNot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSRX RobotNot MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaiX 1000Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaiX 500Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaDX Hybrid ModelsNot Supported
SokkiaSX-103Not MaintainedView Notes
SokkiaSX-105Not MaintainedView Notes
SouthNTS 325SupportedView Notes
SouthNTS 340 SeriesSupported
SouthNTS 360 SeriesSupported
SouthNTS 370 SeriesSupported
SouthNTS 370R10 Series (WinCE 6.0)Supported
Spectra PrecisionFocus 10RetiredView Notes
Spectra PrecisionFocus 6RetiredView Notes
StonexR2 SupportedView Notes
Topcon805a RobotNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconAPL-1ANot MaintainedView Notes
TopconDSNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconPSNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconESNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconET 2Not Maintained
TopconGPT 2003Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGPT 2004Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGPT 2005Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGPT 2006Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGPT 3007WNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGPT 8205aNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGPT 9003ANot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGPT 9003A with Topcon FC2200Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 200Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 212Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 220Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 225Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 226Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 230WNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 300Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 303Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 304Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 312Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 3BNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 3CNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 4Not Maintained
TopconGTS 605Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 800Not MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 800 RobotNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 8000 seriesNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 802ANot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 815ANot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS 823A RobotNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconGTS-302DNot MaintainedView Notes
TopconOSNot Maintained
TopconQSNot MaintainedView Notes
Trimble5600 RobotRetiredView Notes
Trimble5600 ServoRetired
TrimbleS6 RobotNot Supported
ZeissELTA R50SupportedView Notes
ZeissELTA S10Supported
ZeissELTA S20Supported